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Practice Manager Support

EV held three Practice Manager Professional Development sessions via zoom. The sessions focussed on self-care for personal and professional wellbeing facilitated by Dr Caroline Johnson. 

PM Connect sessions are being held for practice managers in the metro region, focussed on the Practice Match for the 2021 training year. To register, please contact Renee Flack.    

The next Practice manager session for rural is being held on Tuesday, 23 June focussed on contracts and delivered by Glen Wallace, GPSA. 


Key Program Contacts

A copy of the EV key program contacts can be found here. 


Supervisor Professional Development

As with trainee workshops, face-to-face supervisor workshops have been suspended with a move to regional Zoom meetings. The change in format has created some IT challenges and necessitated the shortening of some sessions. 

We are hoping to finalise the program and format for the supervisor residentials scheduled for later this year. We do not anticipate that this will be the familiar format of previous years but will still allow interactive learning and skill development whilst meeting the PD requirements for accreditation of new supervisors and re-accreditation of existing supervisors. 


Supervisor PD News

Wow. What a time to start a new job! I’m sure that is a feeling shared by all new registrars and new supervisors. The balmy days of February driving around Gippsland running regional supervisor workshops seems part of a lost world. I made it to the office in Hawthorn and Churchill once before the COVID shutdown took effect and “zoom” took on a whole new meaning.  

Changes to Supervisor PD Delivery 

Giving up on professional development seemed an option once the San Remo residential scheduled for May was postponed but the supervisor PD team were keen to push on. We investigated what we could deliver and upskilling on supervision and telehealth was the obvious need and the subject of our first webinar in late April. With almost 30 participants this was a real success. It didn’t seem that way at first though. Ten minutes into the meeting my internet connection initially dropped in and out and then failed completely. Five minutes later when I managed to log back in, I expected to find the meeting abandoned but instead discovered it in full swing with my co-hosts filling the void. Thanks all. 

Core Modules 

Since then we have been giving our Zoom “pro” licenses a workout with evening 90 minute “Core” modules now running weekly, 28 new supervisors trained by a blend of online and webinar modules and three metropolitan regional meetings run online. There are more online events coming up especially regarding undertaking ECTVs remotely. We are also working on online versions of the Core modules that you will be able to undertake at your convenience. These are taking longer than expected because we keep tweaking them as our understanding of what does and does not work online improves.  

Looking ahead 

I’m really looking forward to returning to face to face delivery, whenever that might be, but looking at places like the UK leaves me happy to accept how things are here. There has been a lot of learning about using online formats and we are going to be able to use that to improve supervisor and medical educator professional development in the future. Thanks for your understanding, patience and feedback.  As everyone is experiencing at present, it is a tough job climbing up the learning curve. Look forward to seeing you all “for real” in the future.  

Dr Michael Baker 


Accreditation and Practice Support

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the Accreditation and Practice Support Portfolio as we are not able to visit our practices and training posts for face to face visits.  Practice/training post accreditation for registrar placements plays a key role in ensuring registrar and patient safety. It also provides an invaluable opportunity for us to network with our practices and provide support. To maintain our service commitment, we needed to look at other ways of doing this. The virtual world became our new reality. All face to face visits has been replaced by telephone, Zoom or WebEx meetings. New supervisor training has also been moved to virtual platforms using Eve and webinars to replace a full day foundation (PAWS) training day. 

I would also like to welcome our new team member Dr Madan Mariappan to the team. It was a difficult time for Madan to join the team with so many changes taking place in a comparatively short time frame – but he has done an excellent job.  Madan joins Dr Peter Tsoi, Dr Ray Carne and myself as members of the accreditation and practice support portfolio. I would like to thank my team and the many practices that have been part of these virtual visits. 

We are certainly living in exciting times and who knows what the outcomes will be for registrar training in the future. 

Keep well and safe.

All the best
Dr Heather Grusauskas


SLO Reports

Metropolitan SLO – Dr Gerard Connors 

EV’s SLOs recently met with Mark Rowe, EV’s new CEO. 

Many of you know Mark from his previous term as CEO and remember him as an honest broker. Mark recently sent an email summarising the GPSA Supervisor survey. EV satisfaction scored very well compared with other RTOs. 

Prior to the meeting with Mark we canvassed Supervisor concerns and raised some issues from the GPSA survey. 

These included: 

  1. Pivotal, despite the IT team doing their best to rehabilitate it, Pivotal remains slow and not user friendly. 
  1. Supervisors believe that greater remuneration is the best way to recognise Supervisors and that remuneration for Supervisors should be standardised nationally (taken from the GPSA survey). 
  1. Registrars are understandably anxious about the new FRACGP online exam. The details of this have now been released. Please familiarise yourself with the new structure so you can support your registrar. 

At the start of the COVID-19 crisis many practices were doing a lot more Telehealth compared with face to face consults. Many practices are now increasing their face to face consults. We recommend both Supervisors and Registrars do Telehealth consults from the practice to make it easier to support your registrar(s). 

If there are other issues of concern, please don’t hesitate to contact your regional SLO via the EV main number 1300 851 753.


Rural SLO – Dr Peter Stevens

I first must acknowledge the outstanding performance of the public health system, the medical advisory panels and collective governments in controlling the impact of the pandemic.

Initially cars became the waiting room and many times the consulting room

Then came telehealth, whilst this allows those of us at higher risk to be consulted at, or work from home, but it comes with significant limitations and risks.

The risks are around quality of interaction, we are all novices at this, and it provides a very narrow scope of input, it also opens up GPs to the predatory behaviors of some corporates in advertising nationally to provide scripts and referrals from an “Australian registered doctor”.

There are serious limitations, the telephone consultation is very much like the radio, we often have to keep talking, if we use silence, the patient will often take that as a cue to hang up. That can be particularly challenging as it frequently difficult to get them to answer the phone in the first instance

Registrars are at a significant disadvantage with a telephone consultation, they are often not familiar with and have often not met the patients. My GPT1 last week had 12 telephone consults – 11 of which were new patients for him. Incorporating even a brief component of video interaction into these encounters can significantly add value to the encounter.

I have used Zoom quite a bit as a way of sitting in both Telehealth and face to face consultations and found it a much less intrusive way to observe learners at work.



Peter Stevens – Rural 

Gerard Connors – South East 

Damian Flanagan- Peninsula 

Carolyn Royse- North East