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Practice News (March 2016)

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Access to Pivotal and GPrime2

Access to Pivotal and GPrime2 is available through the EV GP Training website at www.evgptraining.com.au

Please update any of your bookmarks from VMA or SGPT bookmarks to ensure your continued and future access to Pivotal and GPrime2. VMA and SGPT websites will be closing in the near future (end April for VMA) and so it is important to make this change now as all bookmarks will be lost when this occurs.

Supervisor PD

The Supervisor PD program has begun with a meeting at Churchill on 19 February for the Gippsland supervisors while the Peninsula group on 15 March. The meetings are a mix of education and business/program updates and there were good numbers in attendance at both. The remaining two areas, South East and North East will meet on 19 March. In addition, practice managers from Gippsland met in early March for an update and the metropolitan group will be meeting on the 19 April.

Practice accreditation news

The newly formed accreditation panel had their first meeting in March. Several practices were due for reaccreditation and several new supervisors were accredited at the time. The panel will also be looking at the process for accreditation and reaccreditation and the issues that arise as we work towards a uniform process for EV.

Staff Update

Since our last newsletter we welcomed the following staff to the EV team.

Jo Anne Rash, Aboriginal Health Training Officer
Professor Marlene Drysdale, Cultural Advisor
Dr Cassie Rickard, Registrar Medical Educator – rural
Dr Sean Atkinson, Registrar Medical Educator – rural
Dr Anneliese Willems, Registrar Medical Educator – general
Dr Caroline Hawkins, Medical Educator – general
Dr Julie McLellan, Medical Educator – Group Education, TAs and ECTs – general
Dr Sarah Christian, Medical Educator and FARGP Mentor – rural

We farewelled the following and thank them for their work and commitment to EV.

Abby Trathen, Registrar Support Office – General who has gone on maternity leave
Yvonne Gatica, Data Quality and Training Records Administrator

We are also supported by the following Supervisor and Registrar Liaison Officers who provide us with valuable input and feedback.

Dr Fred Edwards, Supervisor Liaison Officer – Rural
Dr Gerard Connors, Supervisor Liaison Officer – General
Dr Roisin Kinsella, Registrar Liaison Officer – Rural
Dr Jomini Cheong, Registrar Liaison Officer – General
Diem Pham, Registrar Liaison Officer – General
Dr Anza Memon, Registrar Liaison Officer – General

eTG News

Therapeutic Guidelines have upgraded ‘electronic TG complete (eTG)’ with a new interface, and improvements in functionality and navigation. eTG can be accessed via the Pivotal web portal (‘thin client’). Further information about the eTG upgrade is available at www.tg.org.au