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Practice News (March 2018)

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6-Week Feedback now due

A reminder that 6-week Supervisor Feedback is now due for all semester 1, 2018 placements.

This feedback should be done as a two-way feedback with registrars and supervisors and submitted through Pivotal.

The only exception to the regular feedback requirement is for GPT1/PRR1 registrars in their very first practice placement. The two-way 6-week feedback is replaced by the Performance Assessment which is also submitted through Pivotal.

For Gippsland supervisors, the 6-week ECTV Feedback is now due and submitted through Pivotal.


Supervisor PD

Our first set of EV sub regional workshops for the year are complete. The focus was on Pivotal for our rural cohort and ‘Difficult Conversations’ for the metro attendees. Heather McGarry also attended the metro workshops to talk about aligning what happens at workshops with what happens in the practice. She gathered some useful ideas from the supervisors in attendance. The one that I remember best was getting the registrar to teach the supervisor what they had learned at their last GP workshop…which reminds me, there was a workshop this week so I must remind our GPT1 registrar that this will form the basis of our next teaching session.

Coming up soon will be our first residential workshop at San Remo. The agenda is all but finalized and the overarching theme this year is that old ‘chestnut’ of feedback. We will have a few outside experts who will bring up to date with the latest thinking in this area. This will happen with series of rotating workshops meaning that everyone will attend each of the 3 workshops on Feedback.

We will also have a series of concurrent workshops where you choose 1 of 4 possible workshops to attend. On the menu here are some ‘core’ workshops aimed mainly for newer supervisors but also some other interesting sessions including the use of social media in teaching and helping registrars to manage uncertainty.

Our residential workshops are very popular and we try and ensure that one supervisor from each practice gets to attend but with well over 400 supervisors now this can be challenging. We will have about 125 supervisors at San Remo.

For Supervisors of GPT1 registrars you should have now submitted your in-practice ‘Performance Assessment’ form in Pivotal for the new registrar. Contact a member of program staff for further information.

I look forward to catching up with many of you at San Remo.

Dr Patrick Kinsella,
Professional Development Coordinator – Supervisors & MEs


SLO Report March 2018

The first quarter of 2018 has seen the introduction of the Pivotal information system in Gippsland. (Metro has had this system for a few years). Pivotal replaces the previous system and has been developed at considerable expense, time and effort and is constantly being improved. Multiple training sessions have been undertaken and most people should now be up to speed with the new system. Help of course can still be obtained by contacting referring to the EV Help site in Pivotal or by contacting EV.

Patrick Kinsella (ME for Supervisor PD) has put together a comprehensive education program that covers all your needs (see Patrick’s article above). The ever-popular supervisor weekend training events will be occurring at the same venues as last year. The residential in May will be held at Silverwater, San Remo, and in October in the Yarra Valley. Planning is well underway for this exercise.

This year’s GP training and education conference, GPTEC18, will be held in Adelaide and will provide superb training opportunities for all delegates.

Metro now has 3 SLO’s, one for each region. Carolyn Royse in Eastern, Gerard Connors in South East and Damian Flanagan in Peninsula.

There is a lot to look forward to over the next 6 months.

Fred Edwards                    Gerard Connors
Rural SLO                           Metro SLO


Practice Accreditation

A busy start to the year for accreditation has included the following activities:

  • Pre-accreditation workshop (PAWS) – January workshop – 12 General Pathway Supervisors plus 3 Rural Supervisors attended and who are now accredited Supervisors
  • New Practice Orientation – General pathway – The January workshop was attended by 21 Practice Managers and Supervisors (including some new PMs in already accredited practices).
  • Accreditor training for EV staff – January workshop – face-to-face workshop and the production of a resource kit for those that missed the face-to-face session or wish to become accredited later in the year.
  • Accreditor training videos for EV staff – currently in process.
  • Regional supervisor training – “Difficult conversations” – 3 workshops delivered.
  • Practice visits – General Pathway: 22
  • Practice visits – Rural Pathway: 4
  • A Cultural Walk for General Pathway Practice Managers is scheduled for 18 April
  • Practice Manager are workshops planned for
    • 21 March and 18 September (General Pathway); 51 have RSVP’d so far for the March workshop
    • 7 June and 30 October (Rural Pathway)

Dr. Heather Grusauskas,
Accreditation and Practice Support Coordinator