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Practice News (September 2017)

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Practice Managers Meeting 

Gippsland program

The next practice managers meeting will be held on Thursday, 19 October 2017 at Traralgon Vineyard, Burnett’s Road, Traralgon. For more information, contact Linda Kruger on 5132 3103 or email linda.kruger@evgptraining.com.au

Practice Match Round 2

Round two of the practice match for registrars commencing GPT1/PRR1 will open on 20 September and closes on 18 October 2017 in both Gippsland and Melbourne.

Patient Workload and Breadth of Practice

Registrars are expected to participate in a broad range of general practice activities and to be provided with an adequate patient load.   The registrar must not book more than four patients per hour in any general practice terms.  It is recognised that patient numbers may lie outside this range in some clinical settings.  For more information, refer to the Practice Handbook.

GP Term Patients per hour
GPT1/PRR1 (first 1-2 weeks) 1-2
GPT1/PRR1 (first 3 months) 2-3
GPT1/PRR1 (second 3 months) 3-4
GPT2/PRR2 3-4
GPT3/PRR3+ 3-4

In-Practice Teaching

Accredited supervisors are expected to provide teaching to registrars at a level suited to their stage of training.


Level of Training


FTE Hours per week
1.0 0.75 0.5
GPT1/PRR1 (1 hr protected) 3.00 2.25 1.50
GPT2/PRR2 (1 hr protected) 1.50 1.00 1.00
GPT3/PRR3 (protected) 0.75 0.75 0.75
ES-GP/PRR4 0.00 0.00 0.00

For further information, refer to the Practice Handbook.

Supervisor PD

Our second residential Supervisor workshop will be held in the Yarra Valley on October 6-7. The program will mostly mirror the first residential, the exception being that we will not have the Hon. Greg Hunt, the Minister for Health attending this time. However we expect that the workshop will hold much of interest for our supervisors. As always it’s a great networking opportunity. One interesting comment in the feedback from our early year Residential was that new supervisors felt a little bit isolated, so I’d ask everyone to try and welcome newer supervisors at the residential. Try and make a point of introducing yourself to some new faces

A few key activities to remember:

  • Supervisor Hobby Horse session, there has been a lower number of supervisors volunteering for this session this time however what we lack in quantity will be made up for in quality
  • Early morning Bike ride and Walk on Saturday am for the keener one among us [so don’t forget your bikes and lycra
  • A few surprises at the conference dinner.

We continue to modify our supervisor PD activities. We have spent some time modifying activities for prospective new supervisors over the past months and we are trying to strike a good balance between face to face and online activities. There is a strong recognition of the importance of face to face activities for networking and benchmarking ourselves as supervisors but we acknowledge that in this day and age that we can’t forget online activities. We are also keen to try and find out if the activities we offer actually make a difference. Let me know if you have any thoughts on this.

We are also planning to review our Core Workshops. These we set up previously to support new supervisors with the idea being that all new supervisors would undertake certain core supervisor workshops over their first 3 years in the job. We are looking now at the content of these core workshops and may modify some of the content. Of course experienced supervisors are always welcome to attend core workshops as they add the value of experience to proceedings.

We have not forgotten about our experienced supervisors either and are currently developing a questionnaire to try and plumb their particular needs…more on this to follow. There is always the opportunity also for experienced supervisors to consider other teaching opportunities, either doing ECTV’s or becoming involved in registrar workshops. If this is something that interests you please feel free to contact me.


Patrick Kinsella, PD Coordinator – Supervisors and MEs

Recently we held a series of subregional metropolitan workshops for our supervisors. The topic of these meetings was looking at different styles of Teaching. The activity was led by Dr James Brown our Director of Education and Quality Improvement. Attendees were asked to complete a questionnaire before the meeting to self-assess their teaching styles. Five perspectives of supervision were explored. Transmission, Nurturing, Apprenticeship, Developmental and Social. We teased out some of the features of some of these styles and then, in small group, attendees looked at the results of their own self-assessments.  I think everyone in attendance leaned from this meeting especially since they were able to reflect on what their own surveys had shown. This important exercise will be held in Gippsland later in the year.

As always I’d be really pleased to hear from any supervisor about their professional development activities, suggestions for future activities or overall any comments that you‘d like me to feed back to EV.


Supervisor Liaison Officers – SLO Report

We both attended the SLO network meeting in Sydney on 15 August. This is a valuable opportunity to discuss Supervisor issues from around the nation. The day is organised by GP Supervisors of Australia. We encourage you to join if you haven’t already, to gain access to (free) educational resources, industrial advice and an employment contract template for your registrar.

Contract related issues are a constant source of complaints from registrars to EV. Common issues are –‘fairness’ (eg: rostered unfairly compared to others in practice), teaching -both time devoted and the actual teaching. If a contract has not been signed setting out what is expected of both parties, it makes it much harder to resolve disputes. Please sign a contract as early as practical.

Heather Grusauskas has developed a two page document to remind us what is important to address with the registrar (ideally before the term starts).

A round of regional meetings was held in the metro area in August 2017. Generally feedback from Supervisors was positive; one group commented that Pivotal is not ‘intuitive’. The IT team at EV would like to hear any constructive comments and suggestions regarding Pivotal.

On 20 August Fred took part in EV registrar selection day held at Churchill. It was exciting to interview the potential next cohort of Registrars. Participant quality remains high.

We continue to represent your interests with EV on the Regional Interests Advisory Group and we both serve on the EV accreditation committee. Please contact us if you have Supervisor/Practice related concerns that you have not been able to resolve with EV. We look forward to seeing you at the Yarra Valley residential.

Fred Edwards (Rural SLO) (040 8513 897) and Gerard Connors (Metro SLO) (0400 586 322)

Practice Accreditation News

  • New Practices

    • Mallacoota Medical Centre
  • New supervisors

    • Eight new supervisors have been accredited this month.
    • The Accreditation Panel is looking at the prospect of accrediting a small group of GPs to act as roving supervisors primarily to assist alleviating the gaps for solo GPs in rural areas but also to support the 10 solo practices in inner and outer metro.
    • An “EV Supervisor Quick Guide” for new and current supervisors is in the process of being finalized. The Quick Guide will be ready by the end of September and will be sent to all practices.
    • Watch this space for some exciting changes that are planned for the Pre-accreditation Workshops (PAWS) in 2018.
  • Reaccreditations

    • Fifteen practice re-accreditations this quarter.
    • Reminders are being sent to all supervisors that have not met the PD requirements that principal supervisors have 12 months to complete these and that additional supervisors have 2 years to complete these from the date of re-accreditation.
    • Reminders have also been sent to supervisors to complete their core PD requirements.
  • Expressions of interest

    • Seven new expressions of interest (EOI) from practices wanting to become EV training practices have been received during the last two months.
  • Extended Skills Posts

    • Community based posts are currently under discussion with RACGP. We hope to finalize these before the end of the year.
  • Registrar feedback

The Accreditation Panel welcomed Billy Stoupas, a newly appointed EV Registrar Liaison Officer (RLO), on board to provide registrar feedback to the panel.

Heather Grusuaskas, Accreditation and Practice Support Coordinator