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Practice News (September 2018)

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Supervisor PD

Planning is currently underway for supervisor PD activities for 2019 and beyond. There are a few things that I would like some supervisor input on.

Firstly, the 2019 GPTEC conference, the national GP education conference, is to be held in Melbourne next year. The conference will be jointly hosted by EV and MCCC (the other Victorian regional training organisation). We are trying to best work out how to fit the opportunity for attendance for this into our PD program. Certainly some supervisors will be invited to attend and EV encourages this but with over 400 supervisors in EV, not all can attend and, like the residential, spaces are limited. Because of financial constraints one idea was to use GPTEC to replace one of the residential workshops. What do you think?

Another plan under consideration is to reduce the duration of core workshops from 3 hours to 1.5 hours. This is the time we run them at the residential workshops and they work fine there in the shortened format. It would enable attendees to do 2 core workshops in a half day. What do you think ? Send your feedback to enquiry@evgptraining.com.au

We are also looking at how our sub-regional workshops are planned. There are currently 6 sub-regional events. Does this adequately meet need? Should we look at a Melbourne “bayside” meeting? Would doing this encourage more supervisors to attend and provide input? Thoughts anyone?

We had a disappointing 25% response to our recent supervisor questionnaire. The questionnaire was an effort to help forward planning but also a tool to gauge supervisor interest in expanding their teaching roles. If you did not complete the survey but are interested in expanding your teaching role or even joining the medical educator ranks, perhaps as an ECT visitor or involvement in workshops. Please feel free to contact me.

Our most recent sub-regional workshops focused on Practice Education plans and Significant Event Analysis (SEA)The Education plan presented a template that practices could can complete to details particular learning opportunities and teaching offered at their practice. It can be then given to new registrars to help them develop their learning plans. Feedback from those in attendance confirmed that we all tend to have these plans but often they are in our head rather than being documented. The other item was SEA and we asked all attendees to be prepared to discuss an SEA that occurred within their own practice with other supervisors at the meetings in a supportive and of course confidential fashion. Undertaking SEA is now a key focus of GP Revalidation in the UK and focuses on team based approaches to critical incidents. I believe everyone valued the process and being able to discuss some of these incidents. A key idea from the workshops was the idea of keeping a record of critical incidents within practices and then using them to run a session on the topic with your registrar.

Finally, at last week’s Senior Executive Portfolio Team (SEPT) meeting, we spent some time discussing practice payments for EV hosting registrars and especially the payments that practices receive for Teaching and Supervision. These payments are again under review, please feel free to contact me if you have any particular views on this area.

Dr Patrick Kinsella,
Professional Development Coordinator – Supervisors & MEs

Supervisor Liaison Officer Report

It has been most eventful since the last newsletter.

The most exciting news event is to announce that Dr Gerard Connors, one of EV’s current Metro SLOs, has been elected the new chairman of GPSA (General Practice Supervisors Association) and will no doubt strongly represent Eastern Victoria GP Training. This was announced at the Annual General Meeting of GPSA on Tuesday, 11 September 2018. Hearty congratulations to Gerard and we look forward to the ongoing vibrancy that GPSA has demonstrated over recent years. The ongoing staff at GPSA contribute greatly to the enthusiasm and achievements at the organisation. The Chairmanship of GPSA is a voluntary position and we appreciate Gerard’s enthusiasm to take up this role.

The registrar and supervisor of the year awards have now been announced. The process was enthusiastically supported by many practices, some of whom provided most comprehensive and informative submissions on behalf of their  preferred candidate. The submissions were judged by committee and we believe that the winners were very deserving. This competition will be repeated next year and we hope that it will again be enthusiastically supported.

Other events that have happened during this quarter include the completion of registrar selection and it was exciting to note that many good candidates have applied to Eastern Victoria. Hearing around the table at the last GPSA meeting I came away with the impression that we are very well placed. Our full quota has been filled both in Metro and Rural with good candidates. We have more than enough training practices and others wishing to join. The supervisor cohort is very enthusiastic and certainly enjoyed the Silverwater weekend recently. At the time of writing the Yarra weekend is about to kick-off and should be just as successful.

I hope that brings everybody up speed with the latest news in the SLO space.

Dr Fred Edwards,

Rural SLO

(Gerard is currently in Japan and wishes everybody well).

Practice Accreditation and Practice Support

A summary of our activity over the last quarter:

  • A Pre-accreditation Workshop (PAWS) was held on 3 August workshop at Berwick and nearly 30 new supervisors attended.
  • Accreditor training in EV’s E-learning resource for EV staff is now available for all accreditation staff.
  • “Difficult conversations” – A workshop and poster presentation on “Practice Manager CPD” was delivered at ANZAPHE, Hobart in July by Heather Grusauskas and Patrick Kinsella. Following this, one of the workshops participants is now running “Difficult conversations workshops” for NTGPE.
  • Heather Grusauskas attended the AMEE conference in Basle, Switzerland and presented a paper on the “Difficult Conversations” workshops.
  • Practice visits (including ESPs; ASTs; ARSTs) – for reaccreditation; review of newly accredited practices continue throughout the year for both General and Rural Pathway.
  • Practice manager workshops:
    • Metropolitan workshop was held on 18 September.
    • Rural workshop will be on 30 October
  • There is a new practice support process which includes a three-month touch base telephone catch up.
  • EOIs to become a training practice – The General Pathway currently not accepting any expressions of interest to become a training practice. Rural Pathway will consider new practice applications.
  • A reminder to all practices that they have to have an accredited supervisor to cover supervisory duties.
  • Feedback themes on practices from ECTVs, RCTIs and registrar feedback include:
    • Contracts and terms of work are not always clear
    • Issues around direct supervision not always be provided
    • Issues around scheduling of administration time
    • Issues around scheduling of protected teaching time
    • Reminder that registrars should be seeing a maximum of 4 patients per hour

Heather Grusauskas,
Accreditation and Practice Support Coordinator

Practice Manager Workshops

EV’s rural practice managers met in Traralgon in June for a valuable session. Wayne Dyson facilitated a session on ‘You, Your World, Your Practice Culture’ using the DISC Personal Profile framework.

EV was pleased to have 50 metro practice managers attend the Practice Manager Workshop on Tuesday, 18 September. The workshop consisted of two parts:

  • Professor Marlene Drysdale sought feedback on the Cultural Walk Excursion some practice managers attended in April. A survey will be sent to all metro practice managers to see who will be interested in attending further Cultural development.
  • Wayne Dyson facilitated a session on ‘You, Your World, Your Practice Culture’ using the DISC Personal Profile framework.