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QA and Research Update (December 2017)

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Supervisor and ME CPD

A number of successful workshops have recently been delivered for supervisors and medical educators. Patrick Kinsella, the portfolio lead for this area, is refining our curriculum for supervisors and medical educators and examining our structure of CPD delivery. To this end he will be seeking input from supervisors and medical educators for their ideas and preferences.

Quality assurance

One of the important aspects of making improvements to our education and training program is feedback from our registrars, supervisors, medical educators and other stakeholders. A number of evaluations and reviews have been undertaken over 2017 (e.g. GPT1 orientation residential evaluation, GPT1/2 mid-semester evaluations and end of semester focus groups, GPT3 workshop evaluations, supervisor residential evaluations, selection interviews evaluation, end of training interviews evaluation, practice manager workshops evaluation … to name a few!). We understand that our requests for feedback often sit alongside many other competing demands. We want to thank everyone for the time they put aside to provide us with feedback throughout the year. Your feedback is used to improve and innovate what we do at EV; sometimes these improvements are made fairly quickly and other times they require more time to implement. We are always working on refining our processes to minimise the number of times you are asked for feedback, whilst maximising the impact of your feedback to us.


As well as several active research projects, two parallel activities are underway. The first is exploring collaborative research with MCCC in order to build sustainable research capacity and momentum. The second is to ensure that our educational practice and our educational research are closely connected. The objective is that our research program is driven by educational problems identified by educators and that the outputs of our research inform the development of our educational program. To this end members of both the MCCC and the EV operational groups have met, presented to medical educator groups and are putting together a proposal. We will keep your informed of the progress.

Rural programs

Dr Kelly Seach has been appointed as the senior ME for extended rural training. She has already kicked significant goals in securing extended rural training posts for advanced skills training and recruiting registrars to these posts. This has been achieved in collaboration with RWAV and with Gippsland Health services. We will have active training in advanced obstetrics, anaesthetics and emergency medicine next year. In the pipeline is a post for advanced pain management driven by Dr Paul Coughlan who has a passion for this area of medicine. Advanced training in aboriginal health is also available. The rural GP intern placement program is about to be expanded with two new intern rotations for 2018. This has been achieved through a successful grant application put together by Julie Rogalsky to the Rural Junior Doctor Training Innovation Fund.


James Brown, Belinda Garth and Cat Kirby
EV QA and Research Team