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Reconciliation Action Plan

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Reconciliation Australia measures the effectiveness of the Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) program through organisations that have developed RAPs reporting against key targets annually.

The 2015 results show that:

  • 590 Australian organisations have a RAP.
  • 4 million Australians work or study in an organisation with a RAP.
  • 137, 934 employees have completed cultural awareness training.
  • 1,879 partnerships exist between RAP organisations and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations or communities.
  • $41.7 million in pro bono support was provided to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations or communities.
  • 29,514 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people were employed in RAP organisations.
  • $5.47 million was provided for Indigenous education scholarships by RAP organisations.
  • $20.2 million in goods and services were purchased from Supply Nation accredited businesses by RAP organisations (2014 data).

EV GP Training will continue its contribution to the RAP program as our new entity in 2016 with the development of a new RAP. Watch this space for more information about how you can get involved in this important activity.