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Registrar News (August 2016)

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Recording of Teaching and Consultation Time – Tips for Registrars

Some helpful tips when filling out your teaching and consultation time.
> Metro
> Gippsland

Exam Dates

The key dates for enrolment in exams are outlined below.  Please ensure that your portfolio is up to date and that all requirements for your stage of training is satisfactorily completed to enable EV to confirm your enrolment otherwise you will be unable to sit the exams. Registrars must advise EV’s program staff of their intention to enrol in any exam segment.


Enrolment period Segment Enrolment dates Fee (AUD) Assessment dates Results date
S2.2016 OSCE 15/3/2016-9/9/2016 $3980 30/10/2016 8/12/2016
S1.2017 AKT 19/9/2016-2/12/2016 $2120 4/2/2017 16/3/2017
S1.2017 KFP 19/9/2016-2/12/2016 $2120 4/2/2017 29/3/2017

For more information, visit RACGP\exam enrolments


Enrolments for semester 2.2016 have now closed (except for certain AST projects).  Registrars are encouraged to refer to the ‘Dates and Enrolments’ page of the ACRRM website and the Fellowship Assessment Handbook for more information.

Registrar Handbook Semester 2.2016

The Registrar Handbook has been updated for semester 2, 2016 and is now available to download from the relevant information management system (Pivotal or gprime) under ‘Documents’.

External Clinical Teaching Visits (ECTV)/miniCEX

All registrars have a minimum of five visits where an accredited supervisor or medical educator sits with them in an ECTV.  Two visits will be in GPT1 (first ECTV to be completed within six weeks of the semester), two visits in GPT2 and one in GPT3.  Thereafter, additional ECT visits may be required at the discretion of the DoT or delegate ME.  ACRRM registrars are required to undertake a specified number of formative miniCEXs during their PRRT training depending on the summative assessment to be undertaken.  These are usually undertaken at the same time as the ECTV.

ECTVs are scheduled at the commencement of the semester with the practice being contacted by the medical educator (Melbourne program) or the practice manager from the neighbouring practice (as detailed in the Gippsland program ECTV Match).  However, it remains the responsibility of the registrars to ensure the ECTV occurs within the timeframes.

RLO Update

> Practice Match

Thank you to everyone who came to the workshop last month. We appreciated the great questions from all those who attended. Hopefully everyone is going well with interviews and finding the whole process not TOO stressful.

Just remember that after you have completed the interviews click here to submit your preferences. Forgotten your password? Contact Program Support. Note that any changes to your preferences once submitted will clear all your previous entries.

The deadline to submit your preferences is COB on 5 August 2016.

Please note all registrars must meet the three practice requirement during GPT1 to GPT3 and are required to fulfil 52 FTE weeks in prescribed location as outlined in the ED-Org-8.9 Training Obligation policy during their Core Vocational Training.

IN ADDITION, please note the changes to training requirements for outer metro!

The Department of Health has revised a changed position on training time requirements for general pathway registrars. This is reflected in a revision to the AGPT Training Obligations policy.

A general pathway registrar can now meet their training obligation by undertaking 12 calendar months in an outer metropolitan location.

This replaces the previous position, requiring 12 FTE months in an outer metropolitan location. Advice received on the AGPT Training Obligations Policy is outlined here:

Following questions from some RTOs, the Department has updated Clauses 4.1 and 4.2 of the AGPT Training Obligations Policy to provide clarification. Registrars are required to undertake a total of 12 calendar months of their training in a prescribed location (rural, outer‑metropolitan, non‑capital city classified as ASGC-RA1) regardless of whether they are training on a full‑time or part‑time basis. It is expected that registrars would not alter their full‑time/part‑time status for this 12 month period.

> GP Registrar Psychology Program

This initiative was started last year to help provide additional support to registrars who may be struggling with personal or professional situations. EV recognise that doctors often have trouble requesting help from others and wanted to strongly encourage everyone to prioritise their mental well by providing extra services and easy access to psychologists.

Each registrar is allowed up to 8 counselling sessions paid by EV during the whole of their training time. Registrars should contact one of the approved providers (listed below) and identify themselves as a registrar training with EV and request an appointment. The provider will then invoice EV directly. EV will not seek any information from the provider regarding the counselling sessions and no information will be recorded on registrar or practice training records.

We always advocate that GP registrars have their own GP – if you are having trouble or need additional support please speak to someone. There is always the option of seeing your own GP and either attaining a mental health care plan or seeing a psychologist privately if you would prefer.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any further support.

List of providers:




> Registrar Feedback

We are extremely keen to get feedback from each and every one of you regarding your time at the clinics where you’ve worked at so far.

Please fill out the online registrar feedback forms in Pivotal or gprime. We also want to know your thoughts on these feedback forms and whether they can be improved. If you believe any improvements are necessary, let us know how you think things should be changed.

Also, if there is any feedback that you’re hesitant to put on these forms but would still like to let us know about, please contact either us (RLOs) or someone else at EV. It’s REALLY important that we know how you’re all going!

Movie Night

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