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Registrar News (December 2018)

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RLO’s Update

Hey ladies and gentleman,

We hope everyone is doing well and getting ready for a fun filled summer! This will be a brief summer edition.

We will be welcoming our new GPT1 registrars in February, registrars don’t forget that this is an exciting and stressful time, make sure to debrief with colleagues and enjoy the experience.


Good luck to those that are awaiting results on the 17th December for OSCEs. Hopefully you all get the results you are looking for!

Make sure if you get your results, you are up to date with all the compulsory activities that need to be done, e.g. CPR, ALS, these can be found in pivotal. If you dont do them, you can delay your fellowship (No one wants that!).

For those enrolled in the 2019.1 exams, make sure you are spending some time studying but don’t forget, you working and seeing patients can be study, use that time to look up treatments, time yourself, chase up specialist referral letters (so you can see how things were managed!). It’s a stressful time so make sure you take some time to relax!


For our incoming registrars, we will be at the residential to answer some of your questions in person however if anyone needs to get in contact with us, hit up the RLO email address and someone will get back to you

Billy Stoupas, Metro RLO


Rural Registrars Social Event, Narkoojee restaurant and vineyard, Glengarry.

As semester two began and the written exams were a distant memory for all those involved, the EV rural registrars were kicking back, catching up, and enjoying the spoils that Eastern Victoria has to offer. We spent a fabulous afternoon enjoying delicious food and sumptuous wine, at the fantastic Narkoojee winery in Gippsland. The wonderful staff ensured we were very well taken care of from start to finish, including wine tasting for those interested and even a guided tour of winery!

Romey Giles, Rural RLO





Promoting General Practice

EV is looking for registrars who are interested in promoting general practice and, in particular, their experience with EV. Involvement may be in the form of a testimonial, case study or attending an event and talking to junior doctors about GP Training. If you would like to get involved, we would love to hear from you and talk to you about what the possibilities are. Please contact Pauline Ingham, EV’s Communications & Marketing Manager enquiry@evpgtraining.com.au