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Registrar News (December 2019)

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RLO Update


The RACGP OSCE exam was held on Sunday 10 November, 2019. Results are scheduled to be released Wednesday 18 December, so good luck to all of those who sat the exam!! 

The next AKT/KFP exams will be held on 7-8 February, 2020 respectively. For those of you sitting the exams, best of wishes and don’t forget to take a break from studying during the holiday season!

Social Events

We were fortunate enough to hold a social event for registrars earlier this year in September at T’Gallant winery in the beautiful Mornington Peninsula. It was a great turn out with more than 50 registrars and partners in attendance. 

The second social event of the year was held on Saturday 7 December – a Christmas party and drinks at the rooftop bar at Hawthorn Hotel. 

We look forward to organizing more fun events for you all in 2020, and if anyone has any great ideas, please send us an email as we are always looking for new fun ideas!


EV in conjunction with MCCC had the pleasure of holding GPTEC2019 this year in September. It was a great event participated by many medical educators, supervisors and fellow registrars.  It was a unique opportunity to bring together all people involved in medical education, where discussions were held on how to better shape the future of General Practice in Australia. Highlight of the conference also included a gala dinner at Crown Palladium. This was shortly followed by GP19, which was held in Adelaide in October. For those of you who missed out, GP20 will be held in Perth during 15-17 October, 2020. Great opportunity to mingle with fellow colleagues and maybe an extra interstate holiday on the side!


We would like to officially welcome our new addition to the RLO family – Thong Le. Thong is current an academic registrar doing research with Monash University, and working part time at Berwick Health. Thong joins the metro RLOs, alongside Ebony and Alyisha. 

As your RLOs, we would like to wish you all a happy holiday season! Remember, we are always here, happy to be contacted about any questions or concerns any of you have! 

Alyisha, Damian, Ebony and Thong
EV Registrar Liaison Officers