Excellence Innovation Community Engagement

RLO Update 

For many of us, 2021 has passed by as quickly as 2020 when the pandemic first began. What an impressive achievement our community and country has achieved in meeting State and national COVID-19 vaccination targets so that we may join our friends and family over the Christmas period. The invaluable work, however, as registrars and fellow GPs continues to be as challenging as always so remember to take time for yourself. As a reminder, EV provides registrars access to 8 psychological sessions with an external psychology provider which is completely confidential. A list for both metropolitan and rural registrars and the respective psychology providers can be found under Documents in Pivotal. 

New RLO Positions

Both Michelle Kah and Aaron Rhodes, currently in GPT4, will be completing their role as RLOs on 30 January 2022 as they complete their registrar training and begin their fellowship. Both agree that the role has been incredibly rewarding and flexible at the same time and strongly encourage all those with an interest in mentoring and providing pastoral care to fellow registrars to apply for the positions. Additionally, the two available positions will be invaluable over the 2022 period as GP registrar training is transitioned to the GP Colleges, RACGP and ACRRM, known as profession-led training. The RLO positions will be advertised over the next week via the Facebook group and EV email system.


Good luck to all our registrars sitting the upcoming fellowships exams, which includes the AKT/KFP written exams on 4 and 5 February 2022. Exam preparation is always a challenging time, especially under the added pressures of the pandemic, so please remember to take time for yourselves and spend time with your loved ones over the coming months.

Social Events


On the final workshop of the year for the rural cohort, registrars will finally have the chance to meet each other alongside medical educators face to face. The workshop will be conducted online for the first half of the day and will then move to registrars meeting face to face in their cluster groups for the remainder of the day – it will be great to finally catch up amongst peers after an extremely challenging year.

Metropolitan and Rural

After the February 2022 written exams, the RLOs will be hosting an in person social event for all registrars in metropolitan Melbourne to provide a much needed catch up for fellow peers and to welcome the new GPT1 registrars – stay tuned on Facebook and via EV emails for further details.