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Registrar News (June 2018)

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National Registrar Survey
EV is committed to the continuous improvement in the training of doctors in the AGPT program. Each year, the Australian Government commissions an external research company to conduct a survey of GP registrars to gauge the level of satisfaction with their training, regional training organisations and career progression.

The 2018 survey is about to be undertaken. EV would like all our registrars to complete the survey and have a say in how your GP training experience is going.

The AGPT NRS will again be administered to all eligible AGPT registrars by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). The survey will be open from 4 -30 June 2018, for a four week period.

Please monitor your email for an invitation to complete the survey and we strongly encourage you to participate. The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete and the results enable the Department of Health to monitor the performance of the program and help bring emerging issues to the attention of the Department and other GP training stakeholders.

This is a great opportunity for you to have a say in the training program and how EV delivers it. EV looks forward to getting your feedback.

Note – The 2016 AGPT National Registrar Survey (NRS) Final Report is available to download from the AGPT website. You will be notified when the 2017 AGPT NRS Final Report is available.

RACGP registrars commencing GPT1 in semester 2 2018

  • Must complete a CPR course within 12 months prior to 6 August, 2018 that meets the requirements of the RACGP. Refer to RACGP’s  Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Advanced Life Support Courses Guidance Document.

Enrolments for semester 2 2018 close on 13 July 2018. Registrars are encouraged to refer to the Dates and Enrolments page on the ACRRM website for more information.


RLO News

Hello fellow registrars!

Can you believe it is June and we are nearly at the end of semester 1 2018? We know you are all busy relaxing after the OSCE/MCQ or preparing for the written exams/StAMPS, so we have kept this brief, just a couple of things to mention;


1. OSCE and StAMPS exam
The RACGP OSCE took place on Saturday 27 May. Huge congratulations to all that took part in what is always a nerve racking and highly stressful day. It is also a chance for registrars to demonstrate what they know and the skills that they use every day in clinical practice. There have been some mixed reviews as always. We know that those waiting for results on Thursday 6 July will be nervous, but hopefully you are making the absolute most of all your spare time until then! For anyone that felt the OSCE did not go as planned, remember it is an artificial environment and does not accurately reflect how you practice, there is always a next time and EV will support you towards your end goal. For those ACRRM registrars working towards your StAMPS exams in July and August, we wish you the very best of luck.


2. Written exam preparation
The next written exams for RACGP will take place on Friday 13 July and Saturday 14 July in Melbourne. We understand that those registrars sitting these exams will now be in the final push for revision. Well done everyone, just that final 200m dash to go now, keep up the energy and motivation, you are nearly there! There is always anxiety regarding these exams, particularly with the KFP component. Remember to think about each case as though the patient was in front of you in your clinic, do what you would normally do, you are a competent GP registrar, and all you need to do is show them that! Congratulations to the ACRRM registrars who were successful on the MCQ exam which took place at the end of March.


3. Social Events
Keep a look out for some social events to be announced in the upcoming weeks. We are specifically hoping to organise a social event for our rural colleagues and the current plan is to arrange something in August to best navigate various exam prep timeframes. It is going to be worth the wait though! The best place to stay abreast of events is through our Facebook group- “EV GP Training Registrars.” Just make sure you answer the questions when you apply to be a member so we can approve the request.


4. Conference activity
Conference attendance is a great way to find out about the world of GP and to meet with like-minded colleagues from across Australia. As a registrar it is a fantastic insight into aspects of general practice that we might not usually be exposed to, and is a chance to let our hair down! The main attraction here is clearly GP18 which is being held in the Gold Coast 11-13 October. I would thoroughly recommend attending if this is feasible for you, it is a great educational experience with some fantastic learning modules, allows you to explore another city and (sunny!) state, and is always great fun! Some of you may have seen some references to the first conference held by GPDU, which seems to have been a great success, well done to the organisers! For those academics amongst us, there is PHCRIS 18, a primary healthcare research conference taking place at the Pullman Albert Park 1-3 August.


5. Talk to us!
Finally, a reminder once again that as your RLOs, we are always available and want to hear about any issues you might be having. Our role is to represent the ideas (concerns and expectations!) of registrars so all feedback, both positive and negative, about your experience as a registrar is much appreciated. Shikha and Billy are also registrar representatives on the Victorian Board of the RACGP so if you have anything that relates to RACGP matters, please shoot us an email.


Thanks for giving us your precious time, in the words of Porky Pig “that’s all folks”.

Romey, Adam, Billy and Shikha

EV Registrar Liaison Officers