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RLO Update 

What a rocky start to the year 2021! As we continue to battle the pandemic with two lockdowns in Melbourne in the first half of the year, registrars have continued to face significant challenges – including but not limited to ongoing virtual learning, telehealth adaptations and zoom fatigue. Remember to take time out and look after yourselves and each other. Don’t hesitate to email us on rlo@evgptraining.com.au if we can be of any assistance.  

Also, a reminder that EV provides 8 psychological sessions with an external psychology service, which is fully confidential, throughout a registrar’s training time. A list for both metro and rural registrars can be found on Pivotal under documents.  


Good luck to all our registrars sitting the upcoming fellowships exams, which includes the RCE clinical exam starting 3 July, and the AKT/KFP written exams on 9 and 10 July. For those of you wishing to enrol in the November clinical exams, registration will open on 9 August and close on 8 September, 2021.   

There will also be an exam preparation session in late July/early August, for those wishing to commence studying in the second semester, for written exams in February, 2022. Further details to come.  

Social Events

We were fortunate enough to be able to squeeze in a social event earlier this year in February. It was held in Beer DeLuxe in Hawthorn, and we had a great turnout of more than 40 registrars including those from both metro and rural space. A second social event was held at Cannibal Creek Winery for the rural registrars in March. We aim to organise more events in a safe manner towards the end of the year, pending the situation with the current pandemic. Meanwhile, if anyone has any great ideas, please send us an email! 


We are sad to see Vidhya step down as the rural RLO and we thank her for all her contributions to date. We are pleased to advise that Susan Wang is the new rural RLO and we look forward to working with her in the future.  

Meet the RLOs

National Registrar Survey

We are committed to the continuous improvement in the training of doctors in the Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) program. Each year, the Australian Government commissions an external research company to conduct a survey of GP registrars to gauge the level of satisfaction with their training, RTOs and career progression. 

This year’s survey will again be administered to all eligible AGPT registrars by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). The survey will be open on June 28 and run for four weeks. 

Registrars, please monitor your email for an invitation to complete the survey and we strongly encourage you to participate. The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete and the results enable the Department of Health to monitor the performance of the program and help bring emerging issues to the attention of the Department and other GP training stakeholders 

The 2020 AGPT National Registrar Survey (NRS) Final Report is available to download from the Department of Health website. 

Summary of EV's Results