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RLO Update

Hello registrars, what a start to 2020. It hasn’t been just a challenging one for established GPs but also a particularly tricky time for GPs in trainingfrom changes in face to face learning; the incorporation of telehealth; workshops becoming online based learning; zoom fatigue and generally just a stressful time for us all. We hope you are all coping ok and are keen to hear from you about ways that we could improve and further support you (easiest way is to email us on rlo@evgptraining.com.au). We also hope to arrange a social event so you can get together and see each other when we can! Below are a few key RLO updates.


Mentor Program 

You may have seen an email or a post on the facebook page regarding a mentor program we are starting up. We have so far have had a lot of GPT1s interested in having a mentor and would love to get some more GPT3/4s on board who would be willing to be mentors to new and incoming EV Registrars. If you are interested in getting involved in being either a mentor or a mentee please email rlo@evgptraining.com.au and state your name, stage of training and whether you are a rural or metro trainee. Once we have allocated the matches we will contact you both with the details of your mentor/mentee match. 

Exam dates 

Some of the 2020 Fellowship exams have been postponed due to COVID-19. Listed below are exam dates for the rest of 2020. 


Clinical Exam – November 2020 – the OSCE will be replaced by the Remote Clinical Exam (RCE) in November 2020. It is still considered part of the 2020.1 exam semester in terms of pre-requisite exams and exam candidacy. 


AKT – 10 October 2020 

KFP – 9 October 2020 

Clinical exam – March 2021 – the OSCE will be replaced by a new clinical exam in early 2021 but will still be considered part of the 2020.2 semester 

Social event 

We have been unable to organise a face to face social event so far this year due to COVID restrictions. We will endeavour to organise something in the second half of the year once we have a bit more certainty as to when would be safe and reasonable to do so. 


Good resources for EV registrars 

Just a reminder, if you’re not already aware, the following organisations all have a lot of resources and information to support you through your training. They can all be accessed online, via phone or email. EV GP Training (administrative support, medical educators, supervisors, RLOs), RACGP, ACCRM, GPRA and the AMA Doctors in Training, just to name a few. 

Looking after yourselves during this time is paramount too so if you need some additional personal supports beyond the above please think about reaching out to your own GP. EV also funds confidential visits to a psychologist during your training, which can be accessed through Pivotal/Okta. 


Dr Ebony Dunne 

Dr Aliysha Tan 

Dr Cheten Mistry 

Dr Vidhya Subramaniam