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Registrar News (May 2016)

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Hello from your fellow RLOs!

As you are all aware, there is a lot happening in the coming few months – including the practice match of which the stage 1 process commences in July.

To help everyone better prepare, we are anticipating to hold a workshop at the end of June (discussions should include an update from EV’s CEO, practice match details, outer metropolitan requirements, contracts and remuneration, training time requirements) – more details to be sent out closer to the date!

Also, a friendly reminder to enroll in the RACGP exams for those anticipating to sit the written exams in July before 8pm AEST 10 June 2016.

Just highlighting again to all registrars to remember to apply for RACGP membership as of this year, it is a requirement for all registrars to be members.

In more exciting news, we are calling out to everyone for suggestions for our social event for the year – we want to know what type of event people would prefer and any ideas will be taken greatly into consideration.

We understand there have been a few changes this year, and we encourage all registrars to feed back to us on rlo@evgptraining.com.au with any questions/ concerns/ ideas!

Anza, Diem, Jomini and Roisin

Part-time Training

EV GP Training is changing the way part-time training is recorded for the AGPT programme. The changes will simplify the recording of part-time training making it easier to align training with semester dates and workshop schedules. Arrangements already in place for the 2016 training year will not be affected. However, any new applications will come within the new arrangements which commence in S2.2016. In summary, the new part-time training fractions will be calculated as 0.5 FTE or 0.75 FTE.  Read more

Exam Dates

The key dates for enrolment in exams are outlined below. Please ensure that your portfolio is up to date and that all requirements for your stage of training is satisfactorily completed to enable EV to confirm your enrolment otherwise you will be unable to sit the exams.

College Exam segment Enrolment dates Dates








15/3/2016 – 10/6/2016

15/3/2016 – 9/9/2016

closes on 2/7/2016

closes on 2/7/2016

closes on 2/7/2016

30 July 2016




Aug to Dec

Re-enrolment 2017 

Re-enrolment is an annual process that registrars complete to indicate their intension to continue training in the AGPT programme in 2017. All registrars must participate in this process unless they are applying for fellowship during 2016. Registrars will be sent an email with a link to their respective module and complete the process by the due date. Please contact your relevant Registrar Support Officer if you have any queries.

Re-enrolment for all EV registrars has now opened and will close on Friday 3 June.

Practice Match 2017

Gippsland program

Round one of the practice match opens in June 2016. It is only open to registrars commencing GPT/PRR3 terms and above and have successfully re-enrolled. Registrars who wish to apply for a pre-match (conditions apply) and/or extended and advanced training posts may do so via the re-enrolment process. Registrars commencing GPT/PRR1 or GPT/PRR2 terms will be included in round two of the practice match which opens in September.


Round one opens on 20 June and closes on 23 July 2016.

Round two opens on 16 September and closes on 17 October 2016

Melbourne program

Round one of the practice match opens on 11 July and includes:

  • Current GPT 1, GPT 2 and GPT 3 registrars already completing in-practice training
  • Current registrars progressing to GPT4/extended skills posts in 2017
  • Current registrars returning from leave who will be completing their GPT2, GPT3 and/or GPT4/extended skills terms in Semesters 1 and 2 of the 2017 training year

Registrars commencing in GPT 1 and registrars who remain unmatched from round one will be included in round two of the practice match.

For more information on any of the above contact: