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Registrar News (September 2018)

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EV Registrar Selected for Antarctic Voyage

EV Registrar, Dr Pallavi Prathivadi, has been selected for the Homeward Bound voyage to Antarctica. Pallavi is doing and academic post at Monash University’s Department of General Practice, and is one of 95 women around the world to be accepted into the program. You can read the full story here.

When EV spoke to her recently she was delighted and humbled by the support she has received by everyone, and particularly wanted to thank EV.

“My sincere thanks and appreciation of EV’s kind contribution to my participation in this program. I am so delighted by the generous support of all the EV staff and proud to be a trainee at this organisation”, said Pallavi.

Pallavi is fundraising to cover some of her costs. If you or your practice would like to contribute, please go to the fundraising website here.


RLO News

Hello you hard working registrars! Hope you have settled in to your new practices (or settled back into your previous practices).


The RACGP AKT/KFP were held 13th and 14th July. Results are out and we hope there was good news for all of you!!! Hopefully you are starting to prepare for the OSCE that will be held 11th November so good luck for those!

Social events

There is a rural social event organised! A winery we believe! We will add a photo or two to our EV GP Training Registrars facebook group! Its always nice have a social catch up with colleagues. If you have any great ideas, shoot us an email, we are always looking for new ideas for social events.


GP18 conference is coming up, this year it is being held at the Gold Coast, QLD. If you enjoy mingling with colleagues and networking (and maybe getting some warm weather and sunshine), head to the GP18 website and book yourself a ticket to the Gold Coast for the 11th-13th October.  If you are already organised to go, make sure you come and say hi if you see us around.


We want to officially welcome our new RLO team member Alex Skvortson and sadly we will be transitioning out Adam and Shikha as they move into the world of Fellowship. We are thankful for the hard work they have done over the last 18 months and they will be missed.

Talk to us

Remember, as your RLOs, we are always available to hear about any concerns or issues you may be having.

Adam, Alex, Billy, Romey and Shikha

Email: rlo@evgptraining.com.au