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Registrar Program News (December 2016)

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2016 AGPT Registrar Satisfaction Survey

A reminder that you will have been sent a 2016 AGPT Registrar Satisfaction Survey to complete via email. We encourage you to complete the survey and have your say. The survey closes on Friday, 23 December, 2016.

Medicare Provider Numbers

The Department of Health have recently made changes to the process for submitting Medicare Provider Number application forms.

All forms must now be generated by EV from pre-populated data. You will have received an email notification advising you of this process along with your placement form/s for completion.

Deadline: the EV cut-off date for receipt of completed and signed forms by registrars and practices for Semester 1, 2017 is now 16 December. We cannot guarantee forms received after this date will be processed in time for registrar’s to receive their Medicare Provider Number by the commencement date for Semester 1 (06/02/2017).

The Department have provided guidance to the new process. This can be found here.

Applications for Fellowship

Registrars who are approaching the end of their training time and have completed all education and assessments can now start preparing their application for fellowship.

Registrars must complete and return the relevant college Fellowship Application Form (available to download from the website/s) within four weeks prior to the end of their training time to:

AGPT 2017 Policy updates

The Department of Health will shortly release the latest AGPT 2017 Policy updates on their website at www.agpt.com.au

We encourage everyone to refer to these policies for the latest information on the AGPT Program.

2017 Term and Workshop Dates

Term dates are as follows:

2017.1   6/02/2017 – 6/08/2017
2017.2   7/08/2017 – 4/02/2018

Workshops – A full list of workshops in Hawthorn and Churchill is here.

ACRRM Updates

  • FACRRM online orientation session

Want to find out about Fellowship of ACRRM training and assessment? The College will be hosting an online orientation session, on Tuesday 13 December at 7:00pm QLD time. This session will provide you with information on all components of FACRRM training, as well as an overview of FACRRM assessments. More

  • ACRRM assessment dates for 2017

Fellowship of the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (FACRRM) 2017 assessment and exam preparation program open for enrolments on Thursday 8 December 2016. ACRRM encourages registrars who meet the eligibility criteria to start planning their next year’s exam calendar. More

  • Semester 1.2017 Enrolment

First semester 2017 Enrolments close on 28 January 2017. For further information please contact the Assessment Team at assessment@acrrm.org.au or on 1800 223 226.

  • New Case Based Discussion (CBD) rules on Case Notes commencing 2017

New rules around submission of case notes for the Case Based Discussion (CBD) assessment will be implemented from 2017. Candidates are required to submit all twelve (12) case notes up front prior to the CBD sessions being scheduled. Candidates enrolling in 2017 need to ensure they submit their twelve case notes by:

  • First semester 2017A – by 17 March
  • Second semester 2017B – by 21 July

It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure adherence with these dates. If cases are not received by the due date ACRRM cannot guarantee completion of the required three sessions by the end of the semester and this may result in withdrawal from the assessment.

As a general rule you should aim for case notes to be no more than twelve weeks old on the day of the assessment.  Further information on the ‘rules and regulations’ around the submission of case notes and the process of the CBD can be found in the Assessment Handbook available at the Assessment Resources page , it is essential that you familiarise yourself with these before you enrol. If you are unable to meet these requirements or have limited availability in the semester we suggest you not enrol until you can meet these requirements.

If you need clarification on any of these new requirements please email assessment@acrrm.org.au or phone one of the Assessment Team Members on 07 3105 8200.