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Registrar News (March 2018)

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6-Week Feedback now due

A reminder that 6-week Registrar Feedback is now due for all semester 1, 2018 placements. This feedback should be done as a two-way feedback with registrars and supervisors and submitted through Pivotal.

Employment Agreements

We are now six weeks into semester 1 and a reminder that all registrars must have a signed employment agreement in accordance with the National Terms and Conditions for the Employment of Registrars (NTCER). A sample employment agreement can be found on the GPRA and GPSA websites.

Exam Enrolments

For those planning to sit exams this year, refer to the relevant College website for eligibility criteria.

All enrolments require endorsement by EV to confirm eligibility. Registrars must email program staff prior to enrolment with their exam details. Registrars must have satisfactorily completed all program requirements for their stage of training by the date of enrolment.


OSCE Closes 29 March 2018 for Semester 1.2018
AKT & KFP Opened 19 March and closes 18 May for Semester 2.2018
OSCE Opened 19 March and closes 7 September for Semester 2.2018


MSF Open all year, enrol via CFEP Surveys during PRR1 or PRR2
CBD Open all year
MCQ and StAMPS Closes 13 July for semester 2.2018


RLO News

Hello fellow registrars and a warm welcome from your RLOs to Semester 1 of 2018.

1.Exam results

AKT results for Semester 1 written exams came out on Thursday 15 March 2018. A big congratulations to everyone who passed! To those who didn’t, stay positive and know you’ve got plenty of support to give it another shot. These exams are meant to be challenging and marks don’t always indicate your capability as a GP. Remember your RTO is here to support you so if there’s any areas you’re struggling with then please approach us so you can get the support you need. This goes not only for academic issues but also in terms of your general wellbeing. If you’re having trouble finding your balance, please ask for help early on. There’s lots of people and resources ready to go if you need them. Good luck for the release of KFP results due on Tuesday 27 March!

2. OSCE preparation

With AKT results out, we would strongly encourage those wanting to sit the OSCE on 27 May to ensure you are enrolled and begin preparation. To help you with this, EV is running a practice OSCE on Saturday 5 May. We would highly recommend attending these sessions as we have access to some excellent cases and facilitators to help hone in your skills. Shikha, one of your RLOs, is also going to be running an OSCE preparation webinar with GPRA on Thursday 12 April with some practice cases so keep your eyes and ears out for information on how to sign up to this.

3. Social Events

Keep a look out for some social events to be announced in upcoming weeks. We are specifically hoping to organise a social event rurally for our rural colleagues who have difficulty coming to some of the metropolitan events. The best place to stay abreast of events is through our Facebook group- “EV GP Training Registrars.” Just make sure you answer the questions when you apply to be a member so we can approve the request.

4. New Fellows

Congratulations to those registrars who are excitedly awaiting final paperwork so they can proudly start using their well-deserved “FRACGP” post nominals! The transition from registrar to new fellow often brings its own challenges. Your RLOs are here to help with this transition as well so feel free to contact us with any questions. We would also recommend joining the RACGP New Fellows Committee. They offer lots of educational activities and social events to provide support in the transition period.

5. Talk to us!

Finally, a reminder once again that as your RLOs, we are always available and want to hear about any issues you might be having. Our role is to represent the ideas (concerns and expectations!) of registrars so all feedback, both positive and negative, about your experience as a registrar is much appreciated. Shikha and Billy are also registrar representatives on the Victorian Board of the RACGP so if you have anything that relates to RACGP matters, please shoot us an email.

Billy, Romey, Adam and Shikha

Email rlo@evgptraining.com.au