Every individual is different and will take a different route to completion of training and attaining their fellowship. For anyone starting in training, there are key areas that need to be thought about to ensure that you get the most out of training time.

First and foremost planning must consider an individual’s personal circumstances. For instance, depending on personal preference and life situation, registrars may want to think about whether they want to work full time or part time, where they want to work, and what options such as extended skills posts they wish to complete and how compulsory rotations and requirements will be met. They may also want to think about if and when they may want to take leave from the program and when would be the best time to sit the exams.

In summary, some questions that registrars need to consider at the start of their training are:

  1. Have I completed the hospital experience?
  2. Will I want to take any extended leave from the program?
  3. What type of practice would I like to work in?
  4. Where would I like to work?
  5. Do I want to work full or part time?
  6. How will I meet the Return of Service obligations and EV training obligation point requirement?
  7. When would be the best time for me to sit the exams?
  8. What extended skills posts would I like to do and are these posts best done at certain times of my training?

It is a good idea to talk to others to seek clarification about the training course. Information is available from RLOsGPRA and EV staff.

Taking Leave During Training

EV adheres to the Department of Health’s policy on leave for Registrars seeking leave from the AGPT program.

Read the EV Policy Document: Leave from the AGPT Program – for all registrars who commenced AGPT after 1 January 2011