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Research and Quality Assurance (December 2018)

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What’s happening next year?

As a result of EV’s continued investment in quality assurance and in research that has impact in the GP training and education context, Belinda Garth and Cat Kirby will start 2019 with new roles. Belinda will take over the management of the quality assurance portfolio in the role of Manager Quality Assurance, and Cat will continue to build on EV’s research capacity, performance and reputation in the role of Research Manager. This is exciting for us and enables a stronger focus on both portfolios; both of which are strongly linked.


EV Research Unit

It has been a busy and rewarding period for the EV Research Unit. In the second half of this year we have welcomed Dr Julie Willems, who has become a valued part of the research and supervisor CPD teams.

We have recently commenced a large national RACGP-funded research project, The development of a Work Based Assessment (WBA) framework for GP training and education, in collaboration with a number of RTOs across Australia. We encourage EV registrars, MEs and supervisors to get involved in this important research – please consider participating if you receive an invitation to participate in a focus group, interview and/or feedback recording. If you’d like to find out more about this research, contact Cat Kirby on the details below.

A number of EV and MCCC registrars have generously volunteered to track their journey through their first term of GP training, as a means of helping us better understand the learning and support needs of new registrars. Launching into general practice can be a challenging and exciting experience and EV are keen to learn more about how we can best support registrars during this transition.

We are involved in two research studies examining the factors that contribute to registrars’ progression to independent practice. A number of recent EV-fellows have generously donated their time to participate in interviews and surveys that assist us in understanding the factors that facilitate successful completion of exams and development as a competent and independent practitioner.

We have also been busy disseminating findings from recently completed research projects.  James Brown and Cat Kirby have recently had a paper titled A review of the use of theory in GP vocational educational research accepted for publication in Medical Education and there are a number of other papers under review or being prepared for submission.

The recently completed Review of Australian and International Models of GP Training and Education has come with a number of recommendations for developing GP training which are being considered by other stake holders. These include increased support of registrars in the transition from hospital to community based practice, a regionalised rather than centralised structure for training delivery and increased support and recognition for supervisors.

We’d like to congratulate the four registrars who are reaching the end of their academic posts at Monash University and the University of Melbourne. We also wish the registrars who are commencing academic posts in 2019 luck with their journey into research and teaching.


A note of thanks

Thank you to all our registrars, supervisors, practice managers, EV staff and others who have at various stages contributed to our research projects and/or evaluation activities (e.g. surveys, focus groups). A big thank you, too, to Jo Rash who has provided valuable support and work in the QA space over these past number of months.


ev-supervisor-survey-infographic_nov18Quality Assurance – how are we tracking?

Recently reviewed or evaluated programs include (among others) EV’s Peer Learning Workshops, selection interview process, supervisor professional development (PD) program (check out the findings in this infographic), and end of training interviews. Our evaluations are used to identify whether stakeholders are being reached as intended, to identify program strengths, and to inform decision-making for quality improvement. Feedback through internal evaluations plus those external to EV (e.g. the AGPT National Registrar Survey) has highlighted the success of EV for its high quality training and education program. This is in large part due to the hard work and commitment of our staff AND our valued registrars, supervisors and training practices for taking the time to provide us with feedback that has impact.


Review of supervisor PD and support

A review of supervisor educational professional development content and structure is in progress. This review has the aim of ensuring that PD matches the different roles supervisors undertake, particularly the two distinct roles of clinical support of registrars and oversight of registrar. We also intend to increase the range of options for supervisors in undertaking their PD. One option we intend to pilot next year is to facilitate a small group of supervisors to establish a networking group that meets regularly for collegiate support.


Contact us

If you are ever interested in obtaining copies of our evaluation reports or research reports, please feel free to get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you!

Belinda.Garth@evgptraining.com.au (Manager Quality Assurance)

Catherine.Kirby@evgptraining.com.au (Research Manager)

James.Brown@evgptraining.com.au (Director of Education Quality improvement)


Dr James Brown, Dr Belinda Garth, Dr Catherine Kirby