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Research and Quality Assurance (June 2018)

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Giving and receiving feedback
We know that feedback is fundamental to learning however it can be both difficult to give, and difficult to receive. There are specific skills that can be learned to improve the exchange of feedback however it is the quality of the relationship that the feedback occurs within that is most important for effective feedback. With these things in mind we have made in-practice feedback the focus of this year’s supervisor residential workshops.

Our recent research on in-practice feedback indicates that there are a number of things for supervisors and registrars to consider in their supervisory relationship to support effective feedback. Both the supervisor and registrar need to share the goal of each other’s development and be explicit in this; feedback needs to become a normal day to day activity for them both; feedback needs to be asked for; feedback needs to be given from a position of genuine interest in the other’s development; and feedback needs to focus on actions and the thinking behind actions. In receiving feedback, we need to be resilient in our thinking about ourselves so that we avoid perceiving corrective feedback as criticism of our personhood.

At the San Remo supervisor workshop A/Prof Marg Bearman offered some useful metaphors for feedback. These included feedback as; a gift, a conversation, a design and a tango. The design metaphor reflects the normalising of feedback in the curriculum and in the supervisory relationship. The tango metaphor reflects feedback as a joint coordinated endeavour.

We will be exploring extending our educational support of feedback process to registrar events.

We have been successful in securing another research grant to extend our exploration of feedback. The next project will be to explore how experiences of feedback exchanges as registrars can be used to build skills in self-evaluation and feedback as an independent practitioner.

Dr James Brown
Director of Education Quality improvement.


Evaluation of EV’s education and training program
While maintaining our usual quality improvement processes, I will be putting some focused time into an evaluation of EV’s education and training program, as well as an evaluation of registrar end of training interviews and improved processes for translating research findings into practice.

EV Presenting at ANZAHPE conference
I will be presenting at the upcoming Australian and New Zealand Association for Health Professional Educators (ANZAHPE) conference in Hobart in July, with a focus on conducting research that is informed by educational problems, that seeks involvement of supervisors and registrars, and that seeks to translate research findings into practice.

Belinda Garth, PhD
Research and Quality Assurance Advisor