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Research and Quality Assurance (September 2018)

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Review of national and international approaches to GP training and education delivery

It has been a busy year for the EV research team. We have recently completed, in collaboration with MCCC, a review of national and international approaches to GP training and education delivery to inform future program development. Over the past 12 months we have consulted leaders in medical education and GP training across Australia and five ‘NICHE’ countries: New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, Holland (Netherlands), and England (UK). From these consultations we have documented how GP training and education is delivered, and the key areas of challenge, tension, innovation, and leadership. This consultation has been paired with a review of programmatic information via public documents, and a review of published literature. We hope that this research will inform EV, MCCC, and other RTOs in their program development and contribute to national discussions on GP training and education. Findings from the research have been presented and discussed at numerous national and local forums including GPTEC18, General Practice Medical Educator (GPME) workshops, Lead Medical Educator Committee meetings, and EV supervisor and ME professional development workshops.


Four key features of a GP supervisor identity

Belinda Garth recently presented findings at our national GP training conference (GPTEC), drawing from our two consecutive studies (2016-2017) on supervisor professional identity formation. Findings were drawn from 29 interviews, 56 audio-diary entries, and two focus groups with 22 new and experienced supervisors. This presentation highlighted that developing a robust supervisor identity involved four key features: gaining supervisory skills, having a sense of belonging to the role of supervision, finding meaning in supervision, and balancing clinician and supervisor roles. Knowing these puts us in a better position to understand where to invest time, resources, effort, for supporting supervisors in their work. The team are currently working on a journal paper for publication – stay tuned!


Research on feedback exchange within the supervisory relationship

Our team have recently completed an RACGP-funded educational research project exploring feedback exchange within the supervisory relationship and the implications for registrar and supervisor training and support. Findings from the research are being used to inform supervisor workshops about feedback exchange and will also be used to support registrars to engage in open feedback with their supervisors.

We have now commenced a new RACGP-funded project in partnership with Deakin University and the University of Melbourne that extends upon this feedback research to explore how feedback exchanges impact the registrar’s journey to becoming an independent practitioner. We are pleased to have Dr Liz Wearne and Dr Aloechka Delamaine engaged in the project as early career researchers.


Registrar’s transition from hospital to general practice settings

EV are collaborating with MCCC on a new RACGP-funded project exploring registrar’s transition from hospital to general practice settings and their experience of their first GP term. Findings from this research will help to inform how we support and train registrars in the challenging early stages of their training.


Academic Posts

The RACGP have notified us this month that four EV registrars have successfully been awarded an academic post for 2019. These posts will be undertaken with the Departments of General Practice at Monash University and University of Melbourne, and the School of Rural Health at Monash University. These posts are a fantastic opportunity for registrars dip their toe in the water and gain some experience in academic research and teaching, and we are really pleased to support registrars undertaking these posts.


James Brown, Belinda Garth, Catherine Kirby