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Research & Quality Assurance (August 2016)

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New supervisor research project
Belinda Garth is leading a Department of Health funded research project to understand the experience of becoming a new supervisor. The seven participants have been very generous in their willingness to provide a view into their experience of becoming a supervisor. The data collection is near complete. It is clear that the project will be a rich informant for developing and improving the ways in which we support new supervisors. We will be sharing selected insights at the national GP training and education conference in late August.

Gippsland Integrated Training Pathways
A scoping and feasibility study of ways to better integrate rural medical training in Gippsland has recently been completed and has important recommendations including building the training opportunities for graduates pursuing a career in GP. Clearly EV is a major stakeholder in this space. Under Julie Rogalsky’s leadership, EV has contributed significantly to this report. We will continue to work with other organisations to build and support the rural pipeline.