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RLO Update (December 2016)

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As we approach the end of the year, it is a time to reflect on some of the highlights, as well as address some of the events to follow in the coming few months. We have had a busy transition from VMA and SGPT to EV GP Training which although challenging, has been as smooth as possible with the incredible efforts of staff across the board.

Movie Night

In the midst of the busy months, we have had a successful social event with a great turn out at the private screening of ‘Jason Bourne’ held back in August. Given the success and feedback, we have another movie night organised for the 15th of December at Rivoli Village Cinemas for the screening of Star Wars.

Escape Room Adventure

In the line of social events, we were wanting to gauge an expression of interest for registrars who would be keen on an ‘escape room adventure’ – the plan at this stage would be to organise this event for the month of February, after the 2017.1 exam period. Watch this space, as we shall be sending out a separate correspondence in reference to booking options. For those wanting to know more about escape rooms, check out: https://www.traptmelbourne.com.au/

social-event-rural-registrars-11-nov-2016Rural Registrar Social Event

On a sunny Friday afternoon at Lake Tyers Beach we held a social event for the rural registrars at the iconic Waterwheel Tavern.

We arrived at 4pm ready for some fun and adventure after a day of intense learning at the workshop and so with a decent breeze to help us on our way, we SUP-ed and kayaked our way down to Fisherman’s landing, taking in the sunshine, sounds of nature and dodging fish, fishermen and pelicans along the way.

Our lovely guide Sarah, from Venture Out Australia was on hand to teach us the ropes, ensuring none of us drowned, although there was one individual who shall not be named who decided to go for a dip! Sarah then drove us back to the pub where we feasted on delicious cheese platters, wood fired pizzas and local beer and wine while chatting about work, play and life in general. Thanks so much to EV for providing the funding for this fabulous afternoon out and here’s to many more adventures out East in the future, exploring this beautiful part of the world we live and work in.

Communication and Study Groups

In response to registrar interest and feedback in view of needing assistance with communication and study groups for sitting exams, we have thought the best way to communicate this and assist would be for registrars across EV to join our Facebook group – EV GP Training Registrars

Send us a request, and we shall be able to add you – hopefully this can initiate some group discussion and sharing of awesome ideas 🙂

KFP Courses

For those interested, there is an AOGP mock KFP exam workshop run by the RACGP National Censor Dr Mark Miller on the 14th of January 2017 in Melbourne.

Further information on costs and the program description can be found on their website: www.aogp.com.au/

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year!

Anza Memon, RLO
Diem Pham, RLO
Roisin Kinsella, RLO