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Rural Generalist GPO & GPA Workshops 

We have coordinated a number of  ‘Rural Generalist GPO & GPA State Trainee Workshops’ remotely due to COVID-19 restrictions during semester 2, 2020 in lieu of the scheduled face-to-face Workshops. These workshops were attended by all Victorian based GPO & GPA Trainees.  

There were 2 GPO Workshops held in August and October and facilitated by Drs Warrick Pill, Patrick Ruane and supported by the Victorian Rural Generalist O&G Clinical Lead, Dr Graham Slaney. 

In October, a 2-day workshop was held for GPA Trainees and facilitated by Dr Greg Coates, Clinical Lead Anaesthetics for the Victoria Rural Generalist Program with the assistance of EV’s Dr Antony Wong.  Although the Trainees were unable to receive the normal “Sim based’’ face to face activities otherwise planned for this Workshop in previous years, they did have the unique opportunity of listening to a fantastic line up of speakers from across Australia: 

  • Dr Helen Fraser, QLD 
  • Dr Peter Hebbard, Victoria 
  • Dr Tim Leeuwenburg, NT 
  • Dr Neil Provis-Vincent, Victoria 
  • Dr Casey Parker, WA 
  • Dr Geoff Menzies, NT 
  • Dr Antony Wong, Victoria 

Given the challenges and restrictions as a result of the impact of COVI-19 this year and when face to face learning was not an option, EV is proud to have been able to continue to provide education and training for this year’s cohort of Victorian GPO & GPA Trainees. Given the limitations and acknowledgement that some education is unable to be delivered online, the programs that were constructed in lieu of the face-to-face workshops were outstanding and provided by a highly skilled and knowledgeable faculty. The feedback received from trainees clearly demonstrates the value and benefit of what was delivered and how appreciative they were for the opportunity. 

Quotes from trainees: ‘’Excellent session, learned so much!’’  “Great Workshop”, “Time management was performed exceptionally well! It was useful having each session for a half-day only. Much more interactive with cameras on. Accepting limitations, the session on US would have been more useful as a practical session”. 

We continue to support the establishment of the Victorian Rural Generalist Program and excited that the majority of Advanced Skills posts across Gippsland have been filled by both RACGP and ACRRM EV registrars for 2021. 

Rural Junior Doctor Training Innovation Fund Program  

We continue to partner with Latrobe Regional Hospital (LRH) and several rural general practices to provide rural primary care rotations for junior doctors in Gippsland. 

The Rural Junior Doctor Training Innovation Fund (RJDTIF) is a Commonwealth Department of Health initiative. EV is the only Regional Training Provider to participate in this National scheme and have been granted an extension of the existing contract to deliver the program for 2021.  

Both PGY1 and PGY2 junior doctors at LRH will continue to have the opportunity to undertake a non-core rotation in General Practice at either Heyfield Medical Centre, Leongatha Healthcare, United Medical Moe and Trafalgar Medical.  

This is a valuable program to expose junior doctors to rural general practice setting in a positive and supportive environment. They have the opportunity to also develop their skills for a future rural GP career. Participant feedback has included statements such as ’this has been the best rotation’’, “I’d strongly recommend all interns do a GP rotation, especially one with the opportunities present in rural Victoria” and “It definitely opened my eyes to more options through the GP pathway which are a possibility for my career”. 

Several doctors have remained in Gippsland and commenced GP Training which is very exciting.