What work will the registrar be doing?

Small-town-rural-practice-1EV offers a number of posts for training in small town rural medicine. These posts can be undertaken to fulfil the training requirements for the Rural Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) Fellowship of Advanced Rural General Practice. Small town rural practice offers the experience of rural medicine. Small town practice requires that the doctor lives in the community where the practice is located.

Skills to be gained within the post:

The practitioner is required to occupy a role in the community that goes well beyond the consulting room. This brings with it unique opportunities and challenges. Small town practice also requires a set of clinical skills beyond those required in larger centres, as referral services are more limited. Small town rural practice is an environment that provides integration between vocation and lifestyle.

Small-town-rural-practice-2Existing Posts:
Heyfield Medical Centre (Gippsland) – 12 months
Maffra Medical Group (Gippsland) – 12 months
Foster Medical Centre (Gippsland) – 12 months

Any Gippsland accredited practice in a small rural town with a population, including a catchment area less than 5,000 people. Towns with a population catchment less than 5,000 in the Gippsland area are available as small town Advanced Rural Skills Posts (ARSPs).