What work will the registrar be doing?

The registrar will be involved in developing and delivering educational programs and resources for registrars, supervisors and program staff. They will participate in curriculum planning, implementation, evaluation and review and accreditation processes. They will assist with enquires from registrars about the program, their learning needs and other issues. There is the opportunity to be involved in Training Advisor Meetings (TAMs), External Clinical Teaching Visits (ECTVs) for PGPPP doctors and other teaching activities such as the delivery of workshops and hospital information sessions regarding the training program.

Skills to be gained within the post:

Registrars will develop basic competencies required for the educational and administrative responsibilities of the role of medical educator. They will be able to teach, manage and coordinate activities effectively and facilitate registrar learning, make use of on-line learning tools and information management systems and undertake evaluation of activities and programs to promote quality improvement.