Extended Skills posts are 6 months duration.

Registrars in the rural pathway can apply for Extended Skills Posts available in Gippsland. If the post is not available in Gippsland or has been filled, registrars may be able to apply to positions in Melbourne.

The following is a list of current skills posts. If the skill you are interested in is not listed, EV registrars are welcome to discuss the possibility further with EV staff.

  • Aboriginal Health – Gippsland Region
  • Academic Posts (Metro & Gippsland)
  • Aged Care – Gippsland Region
  • Disability – Metro Region
  • Drug and Alcohol Medicine – Metro Region
  • Emergency Medicine – Various locations (Metro & Gippsland)
  • Family Planning – Metro Region
  • Forensic Medicine – Metro Region
  • Obstetrics – Gippsland Region
  • Paediatrics – Metro Region
  • Palliative Care – Metro Region
  • Registrar Medical Educator (Metro & Gippsland)
  • Sexual Health – Metro Region
  • Skin Cancer – Various locations (Metro Region)