Resources for Training Posts

Training posts must comply with the policies of the AGPT, RACGP, ACRRM and EV. These relate to accreditation of the practice, employment of the registrar and the teaching and supervision that is provided to the registrar while they are working in the practice. Supervisors are also required to complete professional development relevant to their role as a supervisor.

RACGP policies

ACRRM policies

EV policies

The EV Training Practice Handbook contains information for supervisors and practice about having a registrar in their practice, the program and the Professional Development program.

EV Training Post Handbook

Registrar Employment Resources

All registrars need to be employees under the National Terms and Conditions for the Employment of Registrars (NTCER) while in a training practice. The NTCER applies to all registrars except those in community controlled health and ADF workplaces, and registrars on remediation. It is negotiated every two years in its entirety (2016, 2018, etc.) by GPRA and GPSA (General Practice Supervisors Australia). Once negotiations are complete, the finalised NTCER acts as a contractual instrument for GP registrar salaries and employment conditions. The wages within the NTCER are indexed via the Medicare Benefits Scheme (MBS).

Read the NTCER 2021 Addendum.

In addition, all practices must have a written contract between themselves and their registrar. This should include details related to payment, rosters, leave and expectations. Sample employment agreements can be found on the General Practice Registrars Australia and General Practice Supervisors Australia websites.


The GP training opportunities are endless in Gippsland! Opportunities for learning and development, experiencing the scope of practice rural GP offers, exploring advanced and extended skills and living as part of a rural community. There are plenty of varied practices to chose from in Gippsland offering the whole gamut of general practice training. Explore some of the practices on offer in Gippsland.

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Opportunity Gippsland – A rural solution

After the positive feedback from #OppotunityGippsland, we wanted to give you further insight into EV’s Accredited practices. The featured practices highlight the breadth of practice available to registrars training in our rural region.

Explore what is on offer and be a part of the rural solution.