During training, all registrars need to complete approved courses in both basic and advanced life support (BLS/ALS).  The RACGP requires that the Basic life Support course be updated yearly and a current certificate is a requirement to sit the exam. The ALS needs to be completed before finishing training but does not need to be done prior to undertaking fellowship exams. An approved ALS course must include:

  • Basic CPR
  • Management of airway using bag and mask, and inserted airway (eg. Guedel’s or nasopharyngeal) including knowledge of use of suction and MacGill’s forceps to clear airway
  • Stabilisation of neck using stiff collars
  • Defibrillation

Therefore, an ALS may qualify for both BLS and ALS components. Registrars can complete these through the workshop program or as outside courses in which case they need to meet the RACGP requirements.