Registrars who train with EV have access to a wide and varied number of teaching practices with different socio-economic and demographic characteristics as well as different practice sizes, styles and ownership models to cater for individual preferences.

All practices are accredited for training and supervisors undertake ongoing professional development in teaching to ensure that they have the skills to support and teach registrars within their practice.

In addition, EV offers an innovative educational program that combines week-end and week day peer learning workshops and on-line learning. It also includes specialist workshops in areas such as dermatology, geriatrics, paediatrics, advanced life support, simulation training and web-based education.

The program is run by specialist medical educators who are all GPs with interests and skills in medical education. Medical educators are able to offer support to registrars on an individual basis.

For those requiring further support, there is an extensive range of support mechanisms.

As a result of its extensive program, EV registrars have consistently achieved a high level of success in attaining their fellowship.