Applicants applying for the AGPT Program elect to train on either the Rural Pathway or the General Pathway.  These pathways determine the area where a registrar will train, not the content of their general practice training.

The pathway system ensures at least 50% of the AGPT program is delivered in rural and remote areas, to meet community need.  The Australian Standard Geographical Classification – remoteness Areas (ASGC-RA) system determines what constitutes urban, regional, rural and remote areas.  For more information, visit













General Pathway

The General Pathway is ideal for you if you wish to complete all or most of your training in the metropolitan area. As part of your training, you will be required to complete twelve months of training in an outer metropolitan location. However, the remainder of your training time can be spent in the inner metropolitan area if you wish.  There are also restrictions on General Pathway registrars wishing to train in rural areas as places will be preferentially allocated to Rural Pathway registrars and subject to availability.

Rural Pathway

The Rural Pathway is for those who are committed and passionate about training and working in rural general practice. If you elect this pathway, you will be required to complete the majority of your training in rural areas. However, you may be able to undertake your Extended Skills (non-GP) post in a metropolitan area.  If you are an international medical graduate or foreign graduate from an accredited medical school subject to Section 19AB of the Health Insurance Act 1973, you will be required to elect the Rural Pathway for your GP training.

AGPT registrars’ training pathway does not affect the duration of training or where you can work later as a GP with specialist GP registration, but will determine the nature of the experiences you receive whilst training.